Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions, here are some answers

Who is Zucchi?

Zucchi is a collective of creatives whose sole mission is executing creative experiences that serve clients needs and meet their business goals. Here at Zucchi, we speak many languages and our team expands from the U.S to Europe and South America.

How is branded connected to innovation?

Michael Porter, an academic and professor at Harvard Business School said that “innovation is the central issue in a prosperity economy.” In this day and age, it’s not just about the product that you offer, but the experience you offer that differentiates yourself from your competition in a unique way. At Zucchi, we believe that innovation is key, and we are obsessed with doing things differently by infusing outside-the-box-thinking and creativity.  

We turn your products and services into a celebration that surprises and delights users with unique experiences through innovative design experiences.

What is design Thinking?

A Zucchi Studio we apply Design Thinking to solve visual problems. Design thinking is a method, a structure to conduct creativity and solving problem. We have create a graphic that captures its essence:
1- Empathize
2- Define
3- Ideate
4- Prototype
5- Test
6- Implement