User Experience

Polkatots Cupcakes





The Project

Everyone loves cupcakes! And thus this is one favorite projects: Alma Tarriba, the visioner of a cupcake franchise based out in Pasadena, California, trusted me with the conceptualizing and directing the branding creation for her baby “Polkatots Cupcakes”. In a digital world that with differentiation scarcity we had to position ourselves and facilitate the online  discovery of Polkatots’ fun culture by being bold and unique.  

All we have was a cute original logo and the owner’s vision, so we expanded it into the Polkatots universe it is today with a huge array of materials, including printed menus to innovative experiential eCommerce, a festive website, inventive mobile apps, infographics, videos, photography, sweepstakes and copywriting.

Fortune Teller Mobile App

Design and Development

  • Animated characters offer the user pearls of wisdom and every now and then free cupcakes when shaking the phone
  • The client can control the amount of free cupcakes and promotions given away on the app through a Content Management System ( CMS)
  • Users can explore the menu in an interactive way in a more engaging way

Experiential eCommerce

Design and Development

  • The upcoming online eCommerce site couldn’t just be a transactional site, it had to be an experience so engaging that it became part of the product, whilst encapsulating the brand’s personality. The goal was to have a delightful, cupcakes fun interaction with users, where the product presentation is not even a picture, but a cartoon, and where the cupcakes themselves become adorable mascots that react to the sweet tooth users’ interactions. Cupcakes feature eyes, emit pet-lied sounds and get happy if you choose them and drag them to the box to fulfill your order, or sad if you would remove them 
  • To top it of, we added some “scaffolding” guided tour, featuring Mr. Chef, the Dulce de Leche cupcakes as a tour to the whole experience
  • Even if users don’t buy, they get away a amusing experience that engages emotionally and aims for client loyalty


  • The website was to be the major touchpoint with Polkatots lovers second to  the brick-and-mortar store
  • Little hidden animated cupcake characters

Social Media, Infographics and designs

  • To facilitate the social media posting job, we had to come up with endless visuals, graphics and infographics that would add value to the post while being fun
  • Some of the cupcakes became characters: The Dude, Mr. Chef, Super Cup-K, Hot Mamma and Berry girl