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Transfer Online is a financial company based in Portland, Oregon. With over 30 years experience in the digital space and as a brick and mortar, they were looking to design a new financial technology product to launch into the market.

The project included re-branding, naming, UX and content creation. The result was Stock Offering Solutions — a SaaS platform that allows clients to integrate their crowdfunding portals with their back-end office solutions.

With a team of brand experts, UX, UI, animators, writers and integration experts, we designed a portal website with a powerful CMS to offer a cohesive and concise experience. We aimed to offer a holistic experience infused with creativity and fun to define the brand’s new visuals, which was paired with UX to offer a human-centered approach when paired for the cutting-edge fintech product. This resulted in a unique platform that ensures Stock Offering Solutions stands out amongst its competitors.

The platform itself has an elegant yet playful UI that transforms what could have been a run-of-the-mill financial platform into a delightful experience for its users. Stock Offering Solutions’ bold branding paired with their superb advanced technology solutions has helped successfully position the platform at the top of a crowded financial software market.

To bring the branding to life, we created logo animations, 3D characters, interactive banners, motion graphics, animated infographics and confetti effects when a user successfully creates an account.

Check out the full experience here: https://www.stockofferingsolutions.com